Thursday, September 25, 2014

Laetitia Sadier - Something Shines (2014)

I have a brother, and my brother is still alive. French songwriter Laetitia Sadier, front woman of the glorious band Stereolab, had a sister .. who is now dead.

Look, Laetitia has been through a lot and understandably doesn't always want to make the bop-pop swingin' good times music that Stereolab makes all the time. She has experienced a severe loss. And rightly so, her sister still makes appearances in the lyrics of Laetitia's solo music.

On her latest solo record, Something Shines, there are lush orchestral arrangements. It also has Laetitia's iconic, clean, and unwarbling voice. And for those things, it's fine.

And I think it's important for artists to grow and to try new things. But Stereolab... I mean WOW. That band... sheesh. That's where Laetitia's talents ACTUALLY shine.

There just isn't anything here I want to listen to a second time. There is just too large a wonderful body of work, previous to this record, that warrants more immediate attention and, I'll put my joey on this, will stand the test of time (see Stereolab - Dots And Loops).

If I did attempt to listen to this record a second time, I'm afraid it'd make me a little Sadier, quite frankly.


Laetitia Sadier - Something Shines

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